Art Show

Winners of the Film/Foto Festivals, & Art show

DD10 Film Fest:

  1. Stephan Maurer
  2. Jake Price
  3. Crab Grab 
  4. Pete Alport
  5. Tim Manning
  6. JP Schlick
  7. Tyler Orton
  8. DBK
  9. Ryland Bell
  10. Kohl Christensen

DD10 Best Sit Ski Video Part:

  1. Hiromi Tatsumi
  2. Ravi Drugan

DD10 Foto Fest:

  1. Andrew Miller
  2. Jake Price
  3. Mike Basich
  4. Andy Wright 
  5. Pete Alport
  6. Darcy Bacha
  7. Colin Wiseman
  8. Bob Plum
  9. Tim Zimmerman
  10. Andy Tullis
  11. Jon Tapper

DD10 Art Show:

  1. Brian Zager
  2. Lori LaBissoniere
  3. Josh Ramp
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