Dirksen Derby 13

(Virtual Snowboard & Sit-Ski Event via @DirksenDerby Instagram Account)

Build It - Ride It - Post It! This year's event will be a judged video contest where you build your own course, film a run through the course, and then post it on Instagram to WIN! Entry into the event is free of charge. Simply post your 30-second video to your personal Instagram account before Dec. 13, 2020 and tag #DirksenDerby13 to enter. Details listed below. 

Dirksen Derby 13 (virtual) Race banner

Virtual Dates: Nov. 24th - Dec. 13th, 2020
Location: The World

DD13 Competition Format:

  1. Rider hand builds a unique “Dirksen Derby” style obstacle course which can include tight berms, pump bumps, jumps, obstacles, and other unique features. Creative location choices will be scored higher.
  2. Rider creates a maximum 35 second video edit of themselves riding through the course. Submissions can be an edit of multiple video shots or one continuous video shot.
  3. Rider then posts their video edit to their personal Instagram account and tag #DirksenDerby13 to enter. @DirksenDerby will comment on your post when we have received your video submission. 
  4. Snowboards, Splitboards, Snow Skates, Pow Surfers, and Sit-Skis are allowed in competition.
  5. Video Edits will be judged on Creativity, Quality, Fun & Flow
  6. Courses built on Private Property (including ski resorts) must have permission from the owners or operators. Locations at open ski areas are not recommended due to crowds and corona-virus restrictions.  
  7. Riders, Builders and Filmers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. Any dangerous riding or illegally built courses will be disqualified from competition.
  8. All Local, Regional & National Corona-Virus rules, regulations and restrictions must be followed at all times!

DD13 Divisions:

  1. Derby Elite Men       (Pro – All Ages)
  2. Derby Elite Women  (Pro – All Ages)
  3. Men                          (18+ years old)
  4. Women                     (18+ years old)
  5. Youth Boys               (0-17 years old)
  6. Youth Girls                (0-17 years old)

DD13 Submission Rules:

  1. Tag #DirksenDerby13 and your appropriate Division hashtag to be entered into the competition.
  2. Divisions hashtags include: #DerbyEliteMen, #DerbyEliteWomen, #Men, #Women, #YouthBoys & #YouthGirls.
  3. All submissions must be posted before Sunday, December 13th, 2020
  4. Registration is free of charge.

    DD13 Winners & Awards:

    1. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and announced on the @DirksenDerby Instagram Account on Friday, December 18th, 2020. 
    2. Top-3 prize packages in each division will include: Not just one.... but two race spots into the Dirksen Derby 14 race on December 17-18-19th, 2021 (next year), a DD13 Trophy from North Drinkware, and a gift certificate to one of Bend Oregon's best local restaurants. 
    3. If the winning rider and/or the project filmer is already qualified for the upcoming DD14 race, they can transfer their spot to a friend or family member.

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