Dirksen Derby 14

Dates: December 17-18-19, 2021 
Location: Mt. Bachelor Oregon, USA 

The Dirksen Derby 14 (Snowboard, Sit-Ski, Snowskate) Rally Race will return to Mt. Bachelor on December 17-18-19th, 2021. 

Racers will take one run down the Red course on Saturday and one run down the Green course on Sunday for a combined time. Organized Practice will be available for all racers on Friday. 

Divisions will include:

Mini-Shred - Boys 0-9 yrs
Mini-Shred - Girls 0-9 yrs
Groms - Boys 10-14 yrs
Groms - Girls 10-14 yrs
Teens - Men 15-19 yrs
Teens - Women 15-19 yrs
Mens 20-29 yrs
Womens 20-29 yrs
Gentle - Men 30-39 yrs
Gentle - Women 30-39 yrs
Classics - Men 40-49 yrs
Classics - Women 40-49 yrs
Older & Wiser - Men 50-59 yrs
Older & Wiser - Women 50+ yrs
Yogis 60+ All Genders
Open All Ages, All Genders
Derby Elites - Sit Ski All Ages, All Genders
Derby Elites - Mens Pro All Ages
Derby Elites - Women Pro All Ages
Derby Elites - SnowSkate All Ages, All Genders


DD14 Registration will open to invited racers at DirksenDerby.com on October 1, 2021. All racers must must be complete registration and pay entry fee before the December 1, 2021 deadline. 

DD14 Invited racers include:

-Top 30% of racers from the 2019 Dirksen Derby 12 

-All participants from the 2020 Dirksen Derby 13 (virtual)

-Qualified racers from the 2020 COAA Vert Fest Splitboard Race

-Qualified racers from the 2020 Doug E. Fresh Banked Slalom

-Qualified racers from the 2021 Doug E. Fresh Banked Slalom

-Qualified racers from the 2021 Snake Run Rally Race

-Former Derby Gold medalists (contact DirksenDerby@gmail.com for invite)

Follow @DirksenDerby on Instagram for more information at chances to enter in the DD14!

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